I know I have said it before but I am not a fan of arts and crafts. Pretty much every single parent talks about how much their kids enjoy arts and crafts but is never how it works out with Whiz and Chip. They just make them moody. But every now and again it does work out well and after Chip asked to use the Hama beads and quickly got bored Whiz stuck with it.

Not only has he finally got the idea that the beads must be touching for me to iron it but he settled on what he wanted to make without prompting and patiently sat and made it. Patience is not one of his strong suits and it something we have tried to develop recently so it was pleasant to see him put the effort into this.

He told me this was a Christmas tree with gifts under it and a sofa next to it and unlike most of his arts and craft I can actually tell what he has done.


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