TitanicI know, long time no update. We have kept busy in that time but updating this blog just has not been a priority for a while. So here goes, for a while now Whiz has had a keen interest in The Titanic. He has watched many documentaries about it and has really enjoyed the Eyewitness Titanic book.

What Whiz has really wanted to do was see some genuine Titanic artefacts. After looking online we found out the largest collection is in Las Vegas and they even have a replica of the grand staircase. Both Whiz and Chip already wanted to go there to see the Penn and Teller show. Unfortunately, a trip to Las Vegas was out of our budget! So settled on the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. Although we may visit The Titanic museum in Ireland at some point too.

Initially the rest of the family (secretly) was not as interested in this particular museum it turned out to be a really nice day out. It was really well planned and laidĀ out so we all found something interesting. I also did not realise before going there is a small slavery museum on the top floor too so we managed to do some bonus learning about a topic we have briefly introduced recently too. I will admit we took out dock side picnic at the tables outside back to the car after a seagull tried to land on us a few times but this seemed to be Chips favourite part of the day.

But for Whiz it was all about The Titanic artefacts. It had a few display cases with various things from the ship and a case with props from the movie. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone who is really interested in everything Titanic.

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