One day last week Chip went out with his dad to do errands and Whiz asked to help make his lunch. The next day he wanted to cook again although this time Chip was there to ‘help’ too. Truth be told cooking with Chip can be a bit (a lot) stressful. But rather than cook something easy we looked through an international cookbook so we could challenge ourselves a little.

While Chip was out with his dad me and Whiz set out to make Kosheri, a traditional Egyptian dish. We learned that in the 19th century the lower class in Egypt had more pantry foods available to them and this meal was often made with the leftovers. It also seems to have other cultural influences from India and Italy. While we was chopping and cooking the meal we watched some kid friendly documentaries about ancient Egypt. This is not a new topic to Whiz however he never seems to retain much information on the topic despite finding it interesting. Whiz seemed to really enjoy this meal and would like to make it again.

The next day we set out to make bean with chipotle chowder and poutine. We watched a Canadian facts video while cooking and pointed it out on out map on the wall in the playroom. I knew Chip would not eat the chowder and only the potatoes in the poutine so he actually was given something else for lunch, although he enjoyed helping cook. Despite Whiz not being a remotely fussy eater he did not particularly like the chowder and did not finish it. Both him and me loved the poutine though.

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