golfThis week I found out there is new crazy golf and bowling near by. Both places look great but we settled on trying out the golf. It turned out is is not cheap so it will be an occasional novelty rather than a regular thing. However it was a cold day and we was stuck for something to do so indoor golf was just what we needed.

We played two courses and it is fair to say Chip had more enthusiasm and concentration. However since we last played crazy golf Whiz had improved a lot. I am not suggesting he is going to be a pro-golfer but he did try to hit the ball in the right sort of direction. It may be worth noting here that Whiz, like myself, is not a natural with sports. This was a good opportunity to practice his hand-eye ordination and help keep track of the score.

We ended up going out for a three course meal at Pizza Express after and looking around some shops for Whiz and Chip to spend some of the money they have. The kids pack while eating out also involved drawing (yup, counting that as art) and shopping once involved more maths. See learning is everywhere!

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