halloweengiftsI have not kept this blog updated at all recently. Not because we have done nothing or because of any stressful life events, I simply have just not got around to it. As always, we have continued to practice maths and English and then picking other topics to learn about based on interests. But here is a quick idea of what we did over Halloween and Bonfire night…yes, I know it is a very late update!

Our normal routine for Halloween is for the kids to get some small gifts in the morning, to decorate the house, and then we have friends around for a Halloween dinner. However, this year we had an early Halloween party at our friend’s house in the school holidays (their kids are in school). Since my husband was at work on Halloween day we did the gifts as normal in the morning but went out for a pizza that night and skipped decorating the house altogether. The kids picked their own t-shirts and they both picked from the “girls” section of the shop over the boys section which was fine by me. I am aware that if they went to school they (or at the least Whiz at this age) would probably feel too self-conscious to do that.

In the past we have learned about a theme loosely related to Halloween during October; last year the real history of witches and the year before about the Day of the Dead celebration. This year we just continued to learn as normal. So we had a rather lazy Halloween but celebrating early with friends was lots of fun.

Bonfire night was an interesting one this year because Chip has always found it very scary. Not only was he scared of fireworks last year while they were happening but for months afterwards he would wake up crying about them. This year he was really interested in them, unfortunately by the time we worked this out it was too late to go and see a display but this means that we now know we no longer need to avoid places with fireworks which is great news. When Bonfire night rolls around we pull out our Guy Fawkes book to brush up on a bit of history. So, next year not only will we read through this book again but actually get the go and see a display without terrifying Chip.


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