This blog will share some of our home educating tales with you. Of course this our style and is not representative of all home educators. I am not claiming to be a parenting or home educating expert. I made this blog as a snapshot of what we are up to so that on the stressful days (and I do have them) I will have something to look back on and remind me that we are productive.

I am simply a mum talking about some of the things we do as a H.E family. Dad works full time and we have two sons. Here is a little more about them;

cropped-cropped-eurekalook1.jpgWhiz is the older of our two sons. I am referring to him as Whiz because he likes to think of himself as a bit of a Whiz Kid. He wants to know everything, experiment, invent things, solve world hunger and the environmental crisis, and he wants to travel to see historic landmarks. He is inquisitive but can lack focus at times…but at 6 years old I am not too worried about that yet. He enjoys science and technology, with an emphasis on experimenting.


EurekateethChip is 3 and is a bit of a monster which does make it hard to do things together. I am calling him Chip here because his favourite food is chips. I did consider Destructor because he seems to enjoy destroying things but I decided Chip had a better ring to it. He often enjoys baking, although as much as he loved baking cakes he rarely eats them. Sometimes he likes crafts and experiments too but most of the time his hobby seems to be throwing tantrums.

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