catssWe have the Lego Education story starter kit along with three expansion packs for it. The materials are slightly better suited for story telling than loose Lego or normal kits (which we also have). Since Whiz was a few years younger than the target audience age we held off on using it for stop-animation but he has kept mentioning it so we did our first attempt today.

This is something outside of my personal comfort zone since learning about anything related to computers normally falls to my husband. But I pulled the kit out and downloaded a stop-animation app and gave it a go. The set comes with a small guide and we did the first task in it. Whiz told me the script which I typed up and made the sets then we took the photos to make the movie. The movie is 16 seconds so not the right timing for the script but for a first attempt we did ok (I think). HERE is the video.

The story needed to have a beginning, middle, and an end. It was to be about a cat on a secret mission going through a forest and over a bridge where a spider he was scared of was. It also had to have a moral. Whiz settled on two morals; overcoming fears and being there for your friends. I admit, without the script it looks more like it is about throwing apples at mermaids.

The script


Setting- At home.

Joe: Ryder, we have to go see Milly the mermaid to deliver her food. But we cannot let anyone else know. If people knew about mermaids they would annoy her all the time.

Ryder: Meow

Joe: You’re not scared of her pet spider, are you?

Ryder: Meow!!

Joe: But we really need to get this food to her.

Ryder: Meow.


Setting- walking through the woods

Joe: Look there’s Milly.

<They walk closer to the bridge and a spider jumps out>

Joe: AHHH!!!

<Ryder nudges Joe closer to bridge and they walk over>

Milly: Hi.

Ryder: Meow.

Milly: Good boy Ryder. You’re very brave for helping Joe cross the bridge. I know you are scared of spiders too.

Joe: I wasn’t scared!

Ryder: Meow.

Joe: Anyway, I have some lovely apples for you.

Milly: Thanks, Joe. I was getting hungry and I can’t go to the shop with this tail.


Setting – back home.

Joe: Thank Ryder for helping me get past my fear of spiders.

Ryder: Meow.

Joe: Good thing too, we will have to go again next week.

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